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  • The Top Ways to Turn Your Android Device Into a Mini PC

    Android devices can do a lot of things and are quickly seeming to take over the world as the operating system starts to find itself on not just phones, but also tablets, e-readers, cameras and even televisions.
  • How to Keep Your Work Life Organized by Keeping Your Computer Organised

    Your immediate environment is in many ways a reflection of your mental state. Look around your desk right now. If it's covered with clutter, disorganized papers and pens that don't work anymore, then chances are that you're feeling somewhat disorganised and overworked. Am I right? The same also goes for your computer
  • Top External Hard Drives

    When it comes to the top external hard drives, it's more about personal needs and tastes than it is any one or two defining attributes that make one drive "better" than another. For instance, there are external hard drives that are designed just for quick, almost novel data transfers, and there are others that can withstand floods and fire. Knowing which is best for you depends on your particular data needs, but having a list of the top-ranked drives is an excellent place to start.
  • The History of Hard Drives

    The history of hard drives spans nearly six decades and is considered one of the fastest - if not the fastest - growing technologies of all time. From scarcely a few million characters in the early 1950's to several terabytes today, it could be argued that the rapid advancement in hard drive technology has been responsible for the development and growth of practically every other advancing industry - especially medical science. Understanding the history of hard drives is important in this respect because regardless of what you do for work, it's likely that a hard drive is involved somewhere in the process.

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