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Hard Drives For Sale has been over 12 years in data recovery industry. We have the biggest stock of hard drives, so it will be very easy for us to find best matching donor drive possible. “Good matched donor drive is already more than half of success in recovering lost data”. We have a dedicated staff of engineers specializing in data recovery. It is a completely separate department. Latest statistic shows that our data recovery success rate is 94%. We offer 3 levels of data recovery, which you can see below. Our prices are flat, so you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged.

Why hard drives for sale

Please keep in mind the prices listed below are for non opened(security seal is not broken) hard drives. We are not offering flat rates prices on previously opened hard drives. Hard Drives For Sale offer Free Evaluation of your storage device.

Ship us the hard drive and you will get full diagnostic results next business day. After you will get your diagnostic report you will know exactly the problem, chances for recovery and what level of data recovery it is falling.



Level 1
  • Damaged PCB 

  • Burned chips  

  • Damaged external controller board 

  • Damaged firmware 

  • Voltage overload

  • A loose or missing component

  • A damaged interface

Level 2
  • Deleted / Formatted Data 

  • Mac Unmountable Volume

  • Unrecognized Drive Volume 

  • Corrupted FAT / MFT tables

  • Minor Bad Sectors 

  • Damaged Boot Files

  • Exceeded SMART errors

Level 3
  • Read/Write heads damaged

  • Clicking / ticking noise

  • Liquid / Moisture Damage

  • Motor / Spindle "stuck/seized" 

  • R/W stuck on the platter

  • Not Spinning / No Power

  • Module Corruption / Bricked



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