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Buying External Hard Drives the Smart Way

External and portable hard drives are becoming an increasingly popular item in the IT world. It seems fairly obvious that important documents and files need to be stored somewhere that is safe from PC crashes -- those blue screens are an absolute nightmare if you keep all of your valuable files stored on your computer's internal memory. While document recovery can assist in restoring at least a few files, there is never any guarantee that one will get everything back. Knowing where to buy external hard drives is definitely a pre-requisite in modern life.
While there are still a few people who enjoy taking a trip down to their local PC hardware and software store, the fact of the matter is that these outlets can be quite pricey. Buying from one of these stores means pandering to the often ridiculous mark-ups they place on their items. In essence, chain stores prey on the pockets of people who have not done enough research on the topic. If you buy any computer hardware online, however, chances are that you will save a pretty penny.
Online stores tend to be run by people with a wealth of knowledge on their chosen product. They know precisely what customers should be paying for these items, simply because they do similar shopping on their own time. While there will still be a small mark-up (face it, even online store owners need to eat), it will be considerably lower than from any physical store because they are not factoring in additional costs such as taxes, rent, stationery fees...the list goes on.
Before settling on any one online store, it is always worth your while to do a few online comparisons. Figure out what the primary use of your new HDD will be. Are you aiming to store video and music files? Do you intend to run any hard core games from the drive? Do you want to move the entire contents of your PC to the drive? Are you merely looking for a device that you can use to transport work files from the office to your home computer? These questions will help you determine what size your new drive needs to be and what speeds it can run at. As one of the option wd30ezrx-00mmmb0 is a great performance 3TB hard drive by Western Digital Green series.
Generally speaking, if you want to store video files and music, you might want to opt for a stationary external drive that you can leave on your desk at home. You might not be able to take this HDD with you wherever you go, but chances are you will be able to afford something with intensely large memory available. If you need to use the external to transport files between your home and office, you will probably want to opt for a portable hard drive that can withstand the to-and-fro. These might not have an insanely large amount of memory but can be carted around without having to worry about damage.
Essentially, if you plan to buy an external drive, doing some "online window shopping" is a great idea. It will provide you with the opportunity to figure out precisely what you are looking for in a hard drive and how much you would be willing to pay.

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