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Western Digital hard drives are considered among the most reliable and longest-lasting in the industry, which is largely due to the company's ability to assemble an astonishing array of some of the world's brightest technology experts. Our Western Digital hard drives for sale consist of a large selection of rare, out-of-production and unusual hard drives that you've probably had difficulty obtaining elsewhere. We also stock a vast inventory of hard drive parts, which means that it's likely we may be able to repair your current hard drive.

If you're looking for Western Digital hard drives for sale, we have what is widely considered among the world's best selection of drives such as the Western Digital Caviar Black, Caviar Blue, Caviar Green, Scorpio Black, Scorpio Blue, Raptor, Green Power and others.

The drive you view on our website is the exact hard drive you will receive. We sell very specific, difficult to obtain hard drives for public and private industries and strive to ensure that we give you the precise hard drive as advertised.

All Western Digital hard drives for sale are professionally tested and re-tested to ensure the integrity of the device prior to shipping. We test every drive's ability to read, write, examine and report sector errors, sector timeouts, and SMART. All of these tests must be clearly passed in order for the hard drive to be cleared for sale. Please keep in mind that the hard drive you're considering buying is offered for sale based on its scarcity and not its modern Gigabyte to cost ratio or any equivalent thereof. This means that our Western Digital hard drives are excellent for use in data recovery and hard drive repair projects.

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  1. WD3200AZDX-00SC2B0

    Western Digital WD3200AZDX-00SC2B0 320GB DCM: HBNCKVJMH

    Model number: WD3200AZDX-00SC2B0

    Serial number: WMC1U0265784

    Date: 04 JAN 2012


    PWB 2060-771824-005 REV P1 on the PCB

    2061-771824-G05 01P on the barcode sticker

  2. WD10EARX-22N0YB0

    WD10EARX-22N0YB0 DCM: EANCNV2CHB WMC0T Western Digital 1TB

    Model number: WD10EARX-22N0YB0

    Serial number: WMC0T0170548

    Date: 22 JAN 2012


    Product of Thailand

    2060-771698-004 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771698-904 AC on the barcode sticker

    WD Caviar Green

    SKU: 29309

  3. WD15EADS-65R2B0

    WD15EADS-65R2B0 Western Digital 1.5TB DCM: HHRNHV2CH

    Model number: WD15EADS-65R2B0

    S/N: WMAVU3829907


    Date: 21 SEP 2010

    Product of Malaysia

    2060-771640-003 REV P1 on the PCB

    2061-771640-M03 AA on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 27701

  4. WD5000BEVT-00A03T0

    Western Digital WD5000BEVT-00A03T0 DCM: HBCVJHBB 500GB

    Model number: WD5000BEVT-00A03T0

    Serial number: WXB0A79W0613

    Date: 24 AUG 2009


    Product of Thailand

    2060-701609-000 REV P1 on the PCB

    2061-701609-800 AC on the barcode sticker

    WD Scorpio Blue

    SKU: 21855

  5. WD20EURX-63T0FY0

    Western Digital WD20EURX-57T0FY0 2TB DCM: HGRNHTJCAB

    Model number: WD20EURX-57T0FY0

    Serial number: WCC4M1064796

    Date: 10 DEC 2013


    Product of Thailand

    2060-771945-001 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771945-001 07R on the barcode sticker

    WD Green Power

    SKU: 28282

  6. WD10TMVV-11A27S2

    Western Digital WD10TMVV-11A27S2 USB 2.0 1TB DCM: EHBV2HBB

    Model number: WD10TMVV-11A27S2

    Serial number: WXB0C99C1589

    Date: 21 DEC 2009


    Product of Thailand

    2060-701675-001 REV P1 on the PCB

    2061-701675-401 02P on the barcode sticker

    WD My Passport USB 2.0

    SKU: 26746

  7. WD3200AAKX-00U6AA0

    Western Digital WD3200AAKX-00U6AA0 320GB DCM: EARNHT2MHB

    Model number: WD3200AAKX-00U6AA0

    Serial number: WCC2EJ858197

    Date: 02 NOV 2012


    2060-771640-003 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771640-003 AA on the barcode sticker

  8. WD30EZRZ-00WN9B0

    WD30EZRZ-00WN9B0 DCM: HHNNNT2MHB WCC4E Western Digital 3TB

    Model number: WD30EZRZ-00WN9B0

    Serial number: WCC4E1AXKZKE


    Date: 08 OCT 2015

    Product of Thailand

    2060-771945-002 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771945-E02 AB on the barcode sticker

    WD Blue

    SKU: 31239

  9. WD5000AACS-61M6B2

    WD5000AACS-61M6B2 DCM: HBRNHT2AHN WCAV9 Western Digital 500GB

    Model number: WD5000AACS-61M6B2

    Serial number: WCAV9S910661

    Date: 06 AUG 2011


    Product of Thailand

    2060-771640-003 Rev. A on the PCB

    2061-771640-803 AA on the barcode sticker

    WD Caviar Green

    SKU: 28658

  10. WD15EADS-65R2B0

    Western Digital 1.5TB WD15EADS-65R2B0 DCM: HARNNT2CA

    Model number: WD15EADS-65R2B0

    Date: 12 AUG 2010


    2060-771640-002 Rev. P2 on the PCB

    2061-771640-M02 01PD1 on the barcode sticker

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