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Toshiba is a diverse manufacturer of electrical products, communications systems, Internet-based solutions, electronic components. Toshiba is also a leading storage provider with wide line of external and internal products.
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  1.  MK5056GSY HDD2E61 S ZK01 T

    Toshiba MK5056GSY HDD2E61 S ZK01 T PHILIPPINES 500GB

    Model number: MK5056GSY

    Drive rev: HDD2E61 S ZK01 T

    Serial number: X0FMT3X0T

    Firmware: A0/LH503A

    Made in Philippines

    G002587-0A on the PCB

    PF307Q6R7 on the barcode sticker

    QEPTA1VTXQ on the side barcode sticker

    SKU: 25975

  2. MQ01ABD032

    MQ01ABD032 AAT AA11/AX0A3M China Toshiba 320GB

    Model number: MQ01ABD032

    Drive Rev: AAT AA11/AX0A3M

    Serial number: Z2JLS68QS

    DATE: 19 DEC 2012

    Made in China

    G003138A on the PCB

    G1C46710 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 28152

  3. HDWD130

    P300 HDWD130 ARA AA30/CF0 Toshiba 3TB

    Model number: HDWD130 DT01ACA300

    Drive rev: ARA AA30/CF0

    Serial number: 951B942GS

    Date: SEP 2015

    Made in China

    220 0A90380 01 on the PCB

    PF00035 TS0242A on the barcode sticker

    MS7 930 - On the left barcode sticker

    SKU: 30505

  4. MK2561GSYFN HDD2F64 D UF01 T

    Toshiba MK2561GSYFN HDD2F64 D UF01 T 250GB F/W: MD000D

    Model number: MK2561GSYN

    Drive rev.: HDD2F64 D UF01 T

    Firmware: MD000D

    Serial number: 924OT73JT

    Date: 04SEP2012

    Made in Philippines

    G002872A on the PCB

    S4YTA17HDI on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 26419

  5. MQ01ACF050

    MQ01ACF050 AAD AA10/AV002D Philippines Toshiba 500GB

    Model number: MQ01ACF050

    Drive Rev: AAD AA10/AV002D

    Serial number: 76CEWEXAT

    DATE: 12 JUL 2016

    Made in Philippines

    G003235C on the PCB

    K0G26125 on barcode sticker

    SKU: 30962

  6. MQ02ABF050H


    Disk drive: MQ02ABF050H

    Drive rev.: ABM AA00/HDFC1E

    Serial number: 3695CCA7T

    Firmware: HDFC1E

    Date: 09 MAR 2016

    Made in Philippines

    G3814A on the PCB

    J5G0871L on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 31252

  7. MK2576GSX

    Toshiba MK2576GSX 250GB HDD2J95 F VL01 T

    Model number: MK2576GSX


    Date: 05 JUL 2011

    Serial number: 7152P19LT

    G002825A on the PCB

  8. MQ01ABD100

    MQ01ABD100 AZA AB00/AX101U Toshiba 1TB Philippines

    Model number: MQ01ABD100

    Drive rev: AZA AB00/AX101U

    Serial number: 75L8CA38T

    Made in Philippines

    Date: 21 JUL 2015

    G003235C on the PCB

    G3F24612 on the Barcode Sticker

    SKU: 29260

  9. MQ01ABD100M

    MQ01ABD100M AAA BB10/AX1P2A Toshiba 1TB

    Model number: MQ01ABD100M

    Drive Rev: AAA BB10/AX1P2A

    Made in Philippines

    Serial number: 9637P3U4T

    DATE: 03 SEP 2016

    G003235C on the PCB

    G3G34221 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 31940

  10. HDWD110

    P300 HDWD110 ARA AA32/8J0 Toshiba 1TB

    Model number: HDWD110XZSTA

    Drive rev: ARA AA32/8J0

    Serial number: 27AXT89FS

    Date: FEB 2017

    Made in China

    220 0A90377 01 on the PCB

    PF00105 TS0286A on the barcode sticker

    MST 521 - On the left barcode sticker

    SATA 3

    SKU: 33171

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