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Seagate hard drives are considered among the most powerful and effective in the industry, which is mostly due to the company's ability to assemble an incredible stable of some of the world's brightest technology experts. Our Seagate hard drives for sale consist of a large selection of rare, out-of-production and unusual hard drives that you've probably had difficulty obtaining elsewhere. We also stock a vast inventory of hard drive parts, which means that it's likely we may be able to help you repair your current hard drive.

If you're seeking Seagate hard drives for sale, we have what is widely considered among the world's leading selection of drives such as the Seagate Barracuda, FreePlay and Constellation.

The drive you see on our site is the exact hard drive you will receive. We sell specific, difficult to obtain hard drives for public and private industries and strive to ensure that we give you the precise hard drive as advertised.

All Seagate hard drives for sale are professionally tested and re-tested to ensure the integrity of the device prior to shipping. We test every drive's ability to read, write, examine and report sector errors, sector timeouts, and SMART. All of these tests must be clearly passed in order for the hard drive to be cleared for sale. Please keep in mind that the hard drive you're considering buying is offered for sale based on its scarcity and not its modern Gigabyte to cost ratio or any equivalent thereof. This means that our Seagate hard drives are excellent for use in data recovery and hard drive repair projects. To order the exact Seagate hard drive you need, please contact us now.

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  1. ST4000DM000

    ST4000DM000 P/N: 1F2168-300 F/W: CC54 TK Z30 Seagate 4TB

    Model number: ST4000DM000

    Part number: 1F2168-300

    Serial number: Z301300E

    Firmware: CC54

    Site code: TK

    Date code: 14195

    DOM: 11/2013

    Product of Thailand

    100710248 REV C on the PCB

    100727005 on the barcode sticker

    Desktop hard drive

    SKU: 27378

  2. ST9500420AS

    Seagate ST9500420AS P/N: 9HV144-500 F/W: 0001SDM1 WU 500GB

    Model number: ST9500420AS

    Part number: 9HV144-500

    Serial number: 5VJ0245T

    Firmware: 0001SDM1

    Date Code: 09307

    Site Code: WU

    Product of China

    100535597 REV A on the PCB

    100537087 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 25636

  3. ST2000DM005

    ST2000DM005 F/W: 0001 P/N: 2CW102-568 TK Z98 Seagate 2TB

    Model number: ST2000DM005

    Part number: 2CW102-568

    Serial number: Z9801V19

    Firmware: 0001

    DOM: 23 MAR 2017

    Site Code: TK

    Product of Thailand

    100800538 REV A on the PCB

    723973000 on the barcode sticker

    Seagate Barracuda

    SKU: 32085

  4. ST3500620AS

    Seagate ST3500620AS P/N: 9BX144-034 F/W: DE12 500GB WUXISG

    Model number: ST3500620AS

    Part number: 9BX144-034

    Serial number: 5QM2DST0

    Firmware: DE12

    Date Code: 09033

    Site Code: WUXISG

    Product of China

    100466725 REV A on the PCB

    100468974 on the barcode sticker

    Barracuda 7200.11

    SKU: 26321

  5. ST3000DM001

    ST3000DM001 P/N: 1ER166-301 F/W: CC25 TK Z50 Seagate Desktop HDD 3TB

    Model number: ST3000DM001

    Part number: 1ER166-301

    Serial number: Z500Q3X7

    Firmware: CC25

    Site code: TK

    Date code: 15177

    DOM: 10/2014

    Product of Thailand

    100724095 REV A on the PCB

    100732962 on the barcode sticker

    Desktop HDD

    SKU: 33078

  6. ST31000528AS

    Seagate ST31000528AS P/N: 9SL154-541 F/W: CC65 1TB SU 6VP

    Model number: ST31000528AS

    Part number: 9SL154-541

    Serial number: 6VP1ETZD

    Firmware: CC65

    Site code: SU

    Date code: 10057

    DOM: 07 AUG 2009

    Product of China

    100535537 REV A on the PCB

    100531905 on the barcode sticker

    Barracuda 7200.12

    SKU: 30882

  7. ST1000DM003 CC94 9YN162-568 TK

    Seagate ST1000DM003 F/W: CC94 P/N: 9YN162-568 2TB TK

    Model number: ST1000DM003

    Part number: 9YN162-568

    Serial number: Z1D01VC0

    Firmware: CC94

    Date Code: 11494

    Site Code: TK

    DOM: 06/2011

    Product of Thailand

    100645422 REV A on the PCB

    100652394 on the barcode sticker

    Barracuda series

    SKU: 26934

  8. ST250LT003

    Seagate ST250LT003 P/N: 9YG14C-030 F/W: 0001DEM1 250GB WU

    Model number: ST250LT003

    Part number: 9YG14C-030

    Serial number: W040V17A

    Firmware: 0001DEM1

    Date Code: 11493

    Site Code: WU

    100625000 REV A on the PCB

    100583348 on the barcode sticker

  9. ST3500830AS

    Seagate ST3500830AS P/N: 9BJ136-100 F/W: 3.AFD 500GB TK

    Model number: ST3500830AS

    Part number: 9BJ136-100

    Serial number: 9QG2ZMLR

    Firmware: 3.AFD

    Date Code: 08036

    Site Code: TK

    Product of Thailand

    100406540 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 25750

  10. ST2000DM001

    Seagate ST2000DM001 P/N: 9YN164-505 F/W: CC82 WU W1E 2TB

    Model number: ST2000DM001

    Part number: 9YN164-505

    Serial number: W1E2W2LW

    Firmware: CC82

    Date Code: 13256

    DOM: 12/2012

    Site Code: WU

    Product of China

    100664987 REV B on the PCB

    100681392 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 32273

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