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Seagate hard drives are considered among the most powerful and effective in the industry, which is mostly due to the company's ability to assemble an incredible stable of some of the world's brightest technology experts. Our Seagate hard drives for sale consist of a large selection of rare, out-of-production and unusual hard drives that you've probably had difficulty obtaining elsewhere. We also stock a vast inventory of hard drive parts, which means that it's likely we may be able to help you repair your current hard drive.

If you're seeking Seagate hard drives for sale, we have what is widely considered among the world's leading selection of drives such as the Seagate Barracuda, FreePlay and Constellation.

The drive you see on our site is the exact hard drive you will receive. We sell specific, difficult to obtain hard drives for public and private industries and strive to ensure that we give you the precise hard drive as advertised.

All Seagate hard drives for sale are professionally tested and re-tested to ensure the integrity of the device prior to shipping. We test every drive's ability to read, write, examine and report sector errors, sector timeouts, and SMART. All of these tests must be clearly passed in order for the hard drive to be cleared for sale. Please keep in mind that the hard drive you're considering buying is offered for sale based on its scarcity and not its modern Gigabyte to cost ratio or any equivalent thereof. This means that our Seagate hard drives are excellent for use in data recovery and hard drive repair projects. To order the exact Seagate hard drive you need, please contact us now.

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  1. ST3250620AS

    Seagate ST3250620AS 250GB P/N: 9BJ14E-308 F/W: 3.AAJ TK

    Model number: ST3250620AS

    Part number: 9BJ14E-308

    Serial number: 9QE1YAFZ

    Firmware: 3.AAJ

    Date Code: 07305

    Site Code: TK

    100436228 on the barcode sticker

  2. ST1000LM035

    ST1000LM035 P/N: 1RK172-020 F/W: RSM4 WU WDE Seagate 1TB Mobile HDD

    Model number: ST1000LM035

    Part number: 1RK172-020

    Serial number: WDE2VRKP

    Firmware: RSM4

    Site code: WU

    DOM: 25 NOV 2016

    Product of China

    100799274 REV A on the PCB

    100796243 on the barcode sticker

    Mobile HDD

    SKU: 31607

  3. ST9160411ASG

    Seagate ST9160411ASG 160GB P/N: 9GE42-033 F/W: DE14 WU

    Model number: ST9160411ASG

    Part number: 9GE42-033

    Serial number: 5TG07Y1K

    Firmware: DE14

    Date Code: 09157

    Site Code: WU

    100513573 REV B on the PCB

    100513567 on the barcode sticker

  4. ST1000LM024

    Seagate ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB/CE5 F/W: 2BA30003 1TB Samsung

    Model number: ST1000LM024

    HDD part number: HN-M101MBB/CE5

    Serial number: S35QJ9BF900540

    Part number: E7123-G94A-D75ZA

    Firmware: 2BA30003

    Site code: DGT

    DOM: 09/2014

    Product of China

    M8_REV.07 R00 on the PCB

    1V REV.7 20140826 on the barcode sticker

    Spinpoint Momentus

    SKU: 29243

  5. ST3000DM001

    Seagate ST3000DM001 P/N: 1ER166-704 F/W: AQ03 3TB Z50 TK MAC 655-1726H

    Model number: ST3000DM001

    Part number: 1ER166-704

    Apple part number: 655-1726H

    Serial number: Z5011K19

    Firmware: AQ03

    Site code: TK

    Date code: 15316

    DOM: 01/2015

    Product of Thailand

    100762568 REV A on the PCB

    100732962 on the barcode sticker

    Desktop HDD

    SKU: 32382

  6. ST1000LM024

    ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB/P4C F/W: 2BA30015 Samsung 1TB

    Model number: ST1000LM024

    HDD part number: HN-M101MBB/P4C

    Serial number: S366J9BG811217

    Part number: E7083-G94A-FJYPP

    F/W: 2BA30015

    Site code: DGT

    DOM: 08/2015

    Product of China

    M8_REV.07 R00 on the PCB

    1V REV.7 20150722 on the barcode sticker

    Spinpoint Momentus

    SKU: 30348

  7. ST31000333AS

    Seagate ST31000333AS P/N: 9FZ136-300 F/W: SD15 1TB TK 9TE

    Model number: ST31000333AS

    Part number: 9FZ136-300

    Serial number: 9TE0HKZZ

    Firmware: SD15

    Date Code: 09147

    Site Code: TK

    Product of Thailand

    100512588 REV A on the PCB

    100512065 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 24775

  8. ST2000DM001

    ST2000DM001 P/N: 1CH164-544 F/W: CC77 TK Z1E Seagate 2TB

    Model number: ST2000DM001

    Part number: 1CH164-544

    Serial number: Z1E8TPPC

    Firmware: CC77

    Date Code: 15133

    DOM: 09/2014

    Site Code: TK

    Product of Thailand

    100717520 REV B on the PCB

    100652412 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 33258

  9. ST2000LM003

    ST2000LM003 P/N: HN-M201RAD/EX2 Samsung 2TB

    Model number: ST2000LM003

    HDD Part number: HN-M201RAD/EX2

    P/N: H3743-H46A-AJ1U6

    Serial number: S377J9AH102555

    Date: 01/2016

    Made in China

    Site Code: DGT

    100767980 REV A on the PCB

    7M REV.A 20160108 on the barcode sticker


    SKU: 31071

  10. ST3750330NS

    ST3750330NS P/N: 9CA156-303 F/W: SN05 KRATSG 9QK Seagate 750GB

    Model number: ST3750330NS

    Part number: 9CA156-303

    Serial number: 9QK1MBTA

    Firmware: SN05

    Date Code: 09147

    Site Code: KRATSG

    Product of Thailand

    100466824 REV C on the PCB

    100468979 on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 28878

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