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We offer Circuit Boards and Logic Boards for sale to work with virtually any type of hard drive system, including PCB boards, external hard drive boards with encryption, USB extended boards from portable hard drives and PCI express boards used in personal desktop computers and laptops. Circuit boards, Logic boards (for Apple computers and products) and printed circuit boards are supported electrically and mechanically when integrated correctly with the hard drive system.

Hard drives for sale specializes in circuit boards and logic boards that are out of stock at most dealers, are rare or difficult to find, that only work with certain components or have other unique requirements. We source and make these difficult-to-obtain circuit boards, circuit boards and logic boards available only after extensive testing. Once we've confirmed the integrity and operational readiness of every circuit board, we create a unique listing for that device and make that exact board available for purchase. This way, you know exactly what you're getting; every time.

Buying Logic boards or circuit boards can help to significantly reduce costs associated with computer repairs and data recovery projects, alleviating the need to replace computer components and housing elements in most cases. We sell circuit boards for nearly all types of hard drive systems and SSD systems, including products from industry leaders like Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Maxtor, IBM and more. We offer both single and double sided PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), as well as 24 layer boards. As an industry leader in hard drives, SSD and circuit boards, our comprehensive selection of products allows our clients to customize advanced solutions for their data storage and computing needs.

At Hard Drives for Sale, we pride ourselves in the high caliber circuit board and Logic board products we carry, but we're most well-known for our customer service. Although we are a modern company offering advanced products and equipment, we adhere to an old-fashioned and more personal approach to customer service. Call us now or place an order to find out for yourself. When you buy circuit boards or circuit boards on our website, you can be assured of receiving the exact item you ordered in perfect operational condition. However, in the rare event of any problems, our highly trained customer service representatives are standing by to help you. You can place your order securely online, or call us now if you have questions about our circuit boards, PCB, Logic boards, or any of our extensive line of circuit boards.

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  1. PCB WD2000JD-55HBB0 2061-001267-200 AJ

    PCB WD2000JD-55HBB0 2061-001267-200 AJ 200GB Western Digital

    Model number: WD2000JD-55HBB0

    Date: 14 MAR 2005


    2060-001267-001 REV A on the PCB

    2061-001267-200 AJ on the barcode sticker

    SKU # 32494

  2. PCB ST1000DM003 100774000 REV A

    PCB ST1000DM003 P/N: 1SB102-541 F/W: CC61 100774000 REV A Seagate

    Model number: ST1000DM003

    Part number: 1SB102-541

    Firmware: CC61

    Date: 20 MAY 2016

    Site Code: TK

    100774000 REV A on the PCB

    4003 F on the barcode sticker

    SKU # 30768

  3. PCB WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 2061-771672-F04 AC

    PCB WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 Western Digital 2061-771672-F04 AC 500GB

    Model number: WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0

    Date: 05 JAN 2011

    DCM: HB0T2BN

    2060-771672-004 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771672-F04 AC on the barcode sticker

    SKU # 32879

  4. PCB WD10JMVW-11AJGS2 2061-771961-G01 AF

    PCB WD10JMVW-11AJGS2 Western Digital 2061-771961-G01 AF 1TB

    Model number: WD10JMVW-11AJGS2

    Date: 16 NOV 2014


    Product of Malaysia

    2060-771961-001 REV A on the PCB

    2061-771961-G01 AF on the barcode sticker

    SKU: 33147

  5. PCB ST32000542AS 100536501 REV A

    PCB ST32000542AS Seagate P/N: 9TN158-510 F/W: CC34 100536501 REV A

    Model number: ST32000542AS

    Part number: 9TN158-510

    Firmware: CC34

    Date Code: 10402

    Site Code: TK

    100536501 REV A on the PCB

    4778 M on the barcode sticker

    SKU# 32202

  6. PCB HDE721050SLA330 0A29896 BA2950_

    PCB HDE721050SLA330 0A29896 BA2950_ P/N: 0A38025 MLC: BA3013 Hitachi

    Model number: HDE721010SLA330

    Part number: 0A38025

    MLC: BA3013

    Date: MAR 2009

    Made in China

    220 0A90156 01 on the PCB

    0A29896 BA2950_ on the barcode sticker

    SKU # 32545

  7. HDE721010SLA330 0A29941 BA3263_

    PCB HDE721010SLA330 0A29941 BA3263_ P/N: 0A38679 MLC: BA3288 Hitachi

    Model number: HDE721010SLA330

    Part number: 0A38679

    MLC: BA3288

    Date: SEP 2009

    Made in China

    220 0A90157 01 on the PCB

    0A29941 BA3263_ on the barcode sticker

    STN 608 - left barcode sticker on the short side of the hard drive

    SKU# 29394

  8. PCB HDS723030ALA640 0J14078 BA4443B

    PCB Hitachi HDS723030ALA640 P/N: 0F12450 MLC: MRKA10 0J14078 BA4443B

    Model number: HDS723030ALA640

    Part number: 0F12450

    MLC: MRKA10

    Date: AUG 2012

    220 0A90284 01 on the PCB

    0J14078 BA4443B on the barcode sticker

    MK0 301 - left barcode sticker on the short side of the hard drive

    SKU# 32926

  9. PCB M8_REV.06 R00 ST1000LM024 20130301

    PCB M8_REV.06 R00 ST1000LM024 Samsung P/N: HN-M101MBB/AV1 20130301 1TB

    Model number: ST1000LM024

    HDD Part number: HN-M101MBB/AV1

    Part number: E1343-G84A-A0LKD

    Date: 03/2013

    Site Code: DGT

    Product of China

    M8_REV.06 R00 on the PCB

    WC REV.6 20130301 on the barcode sticker

    Samsung Seagate Spinpoint Momentus series

    SKU: 31812/p>

  10. G-DRIVE REV:1.5 090831 Drive Controller Board 2TB EB32097H

    Controller Board G-DRIVE REV:1.5 090831 Drive 2TB EB32097H

    G Drive Controller Board 2TB

    G-DRIVE REV:1.5 090831 on the PCB

    EB32097H on the barcode sticker

    13E4C5 on the second barcode sticker

    SKU: 33183

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